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Homework Policy

Mrs. Lesko’s Homework Policy

 Grade 5 Homework Policy

Homework is an extension of class work.  It is another way students can practice the concepts and skills that they learn in the classroom.  All homework must be completed by the next day unless otherwise stated.  In each student’s planner, there is a place for them to record their homework assignments for the evening. Although homework is ultimately the student’s responsibility, please take a moment to review your child’s planner periodically. Ask your child if he/she has completed the assignments or perhaps ask them to explain the homework to you. This is another way for you to be informed and involved in your child’s education.  However, I do want to stress that it is the expectation in fifth grade that students are responsible for independently recording and completing homework.

Our goal is to develop strong organizational skills and work habits that will help them immensely in middle school. Creating a partnership between teacher, student and parent will only help to promote success in all academic areas. 

In addition, students will receive a H.O.T. (Homework On Time) card at the start of each marking period.  These cards will be hung up on the homework wall in our classroom.  Every time students do not turn in homework, a red dot will be placed on their cards. 

1st time:  Freebie!  Everyone is allowed to forget to turn in their homework once per marking period!  The teacher will place a red dot on the middle of the student’s card (the ‘freebie’ spot).

2nd time:  A second dot will be placed on the card and the student will have a conversation with the teacher regarding the circumstances for the missed assignment. If necessary, we will develop a strategy or plan to assist the student with the development of independent homework responsibilities. (This may be in the form of a verbal reminder or the teacher checking the student’s planner at the end of the day.)

3rd time:  A third red dot will be placed on the card.  After the student completes a “homework reflection” (for the parent/guardian to sign), the teacher will contact the parent/guardian and if necessary, we will devise an action plan to get the student back on track to practice and apply what they learn in class.

The homework policy will start over quarterly, at the beginning of each new marking period.  Students who complete daily homework will receive a “Homework Hero” award at the end of the marking period.