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This year students will read a range of challenging books, articles, texts, plays and poems. They will be expected to demonstrate their understanding of the material by answering questions in their response journals and contributing to class discussions.  There will also be a strong emphasis placed on developing vocabulary so that students can read and understand more challenging material.  Students should also read every night for 30 minutes. Below are some ways to encourage and support your child when they read.

Ways you can support your child at home:

·         Provide a quiet place for your child to read independently.

·         Ask your child about what he or she is reading.

·         Motivate your child to read. Pay attention to your child’s interests. Then look for books, magazines and other materials about those topics. (See Lexile Link)

·         Make time for conversations at home. Discuss your child’s current reading material, reading journal, current events, or future aspirations for education and career.

·         Encourage your child to use age appropriate vocabulary and grammar.

·         Increase your child’s exposure to new knowledge and vocabulary by visiting museums, historical sites, theaters and other educational places.