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Reading Response Journal (RRJ) Sample

RRJ Sample
        Read All About It             9-9-15                #10

       I have read Read All About It by Laura and Jenna

Bush.  I think the best part of the story was when 
Tyrone fell in love with the book about the pudgy pig!  At
this point in the story, I knew that Tyrone was

starting to really like reading and story hour.  I know he

loved this particular story and this pig because in the
text it said, "And he took over my role as class clown.
His jokes were hilarious."  At the end of the book,
Tyrone was searching for the pig since the book was
finished and the pig was gone!  He looked everywhere
and couldn't find him.  He realized he hadn't checked
one place, the library.  In the story it said, "I grabbed my
friends, and we were off to save our pig."  When he
arrived at the library, he was excited to see all his
friends from the previous books Miss Libro read, such
as Ben Franklin, the ghost, and especially the pudgy
lovable pig!  I really enjoyed this part of the book the


      Read All About it             9-18-15                 #1

    The main character, Tyrone, changes in the story,

Read All About It. In the beginning of the story, Tyrone

makes  it clear that he does not like to read. He says,

“The library is a boring place.” He told his teacher that

her books were old. In library he made paper

spacecrafts instead of listening to the story. Then one

day Tyrone’s feelings about reading changed because

Tyrone listened. When he listened his imagination

became active and he began to enjoy books. He states,

“I actually like story hour.” He was disappointed when

they finished the book about the pig. Tyrone even asked

his teacher if they could have story hour in the library. In

conclusion, Tyrone changed because he once did not

like to read and now he enjoys it very much.