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Reading & Writing

Reading & Writing


Our reading program is designed to develop literacy by guiding students through important skills and strategies, and building layers of knowledge and ability.


Students receive the right instruction at the right time, with plenty of opportunities for practice and application. In turn, their confidence grows with each learning achievement. The ultimate goal is to help students become independent readers and writers.


This program includes modeled reading, shared reading, interactive reading, small group activities and independent reading. Vocabulary and comprehension strategies are an important part of our reading program.


Our writing program encourages a workshop environment that helps young writers follow a process that leads to appropriate writing at their level. Units of study include personal narratives, personal essays, writing about reading, expository writing, persuasive writing, poetry, and the art of writing well. 



Some reading comprehension strategies include:

  • Clarifying, Determining Importance, Inferring, Questioning, Schema/Connecting

  • Summarizing, Synthesizing, Visualizing, Referencing

We will also learn how to:


  • Preview books before reading

  • Make predictions

  • Work on fluency, phrasing and punctuation

  •  Literature responses

  • Identifying story elements

  • Discussing story elements

  • Comparing/contrasting authors and stories, etc.

  • Analyzing critiquing

  • Making connections to personal experiences, current events, other books, etc.

  • Identifying compound words

  • Contractions

  • Affixes

  • Word origins

  • Vocabulary development