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RKind Program & Class Dojo

Grade 5 Chapel Cheetahs ‘R’KIND
Classroom Expectations:

We will work together to create a positive learning environment for ourselves and each other.  Our expectation is for all grade 5 students to exhibit the “RKIND” character traits at all times, and we believe this initiative will not only motivate our students, but it underscores the importance of good citizenship.
R = Responsible in all ways!

K = Kind and respectful to all!

I = Independent thinkers!

N = Need to be safe!

D = Do the right thing!

Mrs. Lesko’s Behavior Plan/Philosophy: The behavior plan for our class room is directly correlated to our school wide behavior plan. It is built on the philosophy that students have a right to learn in a safe environment. They have a right to be treated as an individual, as well as the honor of being part of a special group: the room 24 family. As a result, your child will be working towards individual, as well as group rewards.

Individual Rewards:  As your child meets these expectations, he/she will be eligible for individual rewards, such as Dojo points per Class Dojo and tokens, all to be turned in for prizes. 

Whole Class Rewards:  The class has a chance to earn four whole-class rewards throughout the school year.  For every 500 cumulative points earned by the class, the class will earn a reward.  Some rewards include extra recess, class outside in our learning garden, an afternoon of games, and an end-of-year grade 5 pizza party!

*Sometimes students choose not to meet the expectations set forth by their teachers.  Therefore, we encourage you to sign up for Class Dojo to monitor your child’s choices regarding behavior, preparedness, and homework.  We will keep an open dialogue with you about any recurring issues and will partner with you when necessary to create an individualized plan to help your child achieve the desired behaviors and attitude that will ensure that they will have a successful year.

**The Driver**
Each student will be given a chance to become the lead member in The Pit Crew – “The Driver” for one week.  This student will be given various jobs (in room 24) and will be my helper for the week.  This reward is earned by being a great classroom citizen, completing daily homework, participating during class lessons and discussions, and always putting forth 100% effort.

Star Avatar
Separate from “The Driver”, students will have an opportunity to be the Avatar of the Month, or “Star Avatar”, per Class Dojo.  This award is based solely on monthly points earned for going “above and beyond” classroom behavioral expectations and exhibiting RKIND attributes.  The student with the most points earned that month will be the “Star Avatar” and will earn a certificate and mechanical pencil and will have his/her Avatar displayed on our board.