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Skill Builders

First Grade Skill Builders


First Grade Skill Builders - Interactive Sites

Mathematics Skills
E-manipulatives - money, counters, number line, pattern cubes and more.
Math Lingo - For each term or definition, click on the matching piece on the game board. This site gives
the user audio directions.

Counting by ones. twos,and tens

  1. Connect the Dots - Make a dog by counting by fives.
  2. Connect the dots - Count by 2s and 5s
  3. Counting by Twos - Pick the number that is missing
  4. Counting by Twos - Connect the dots
  5. Counting by Twos - Connect the dots
  6. Counting by Twos - Click on the fish that has the next number.
  7. Counting by Twos - Counting Up by Twos
  8. Counting by Tens - Count up by 10s
  9. Counting by Tens - What is the Next Number if Counting Up by Tens?
  10. Practice sequences at FreeMathTest - counting by 2's, counting by 10's

Counting coins and value

  1. Adding Nickels and Pennies - Find the sum of the coins.
  2. Adding Dimes and Pennies - Find the sum of the coins.
  3. Adding Dimes, Nickels and Pennies - Find the sum of the coins.
  4. Counting Money - beginning site to stress money values.This site is no longer maintained and may have some dead links.
  5. Counting Money - Harcourt School site
  6. Counting Change - a match game, counting coins to find amount of change and matching it with a numerical value.
  7. Counting Money - online lesson for counting money
  8. Discovering Coin Values - drag coins into the cup to equal the amount in the blue area.
  9. How many coins? - Change money into coin values.
  10. Learn To Count Money - Set up the level you wish before starting game.
  11. Let's Compare - Count the money on each side then use the < > = symbols to compare sides.
  12. Money Desk - Drag coins to total the amount of money asked for.
  13. Names of Coins - Practice name of coins worth X amount. - the reverse of the one just above this.
  14. Piggy Bank - Drag coins into the piggy bank to total the amount of money.
  15. Value of Coins - practice the value amount of coins.


  1. Addition Surprise - Use a grid to move numbers to the correct spot.
  2. Arrithmattack! - Race against the clock. Add as fast as you can in 60 seconds.
  3. Add two one-digit numbers using a Quia matching activity
  4. Base 10 - How many blocks do you need?
  5. Find the pictures - Do the sums to uncover the picture.
  6. Flash Cards - Do the sums. Click on the yellow check mark at the bottom to keep score! You can also choose the number of problems by clicking on the arrows up and down by the 25 default.
  7. Hidden Picture - The answer is given and you must select the problem to reveal a hidden picture. Good for a pair of students together.
  8. How many 10s can you make? - online game
  9. Line Jumper - Using Everyday Math counting up skills to add with a number line.
  10. Matching Pictures to Number Sentences - Find the correct number sentence to go along with the picture.
  11. Math Dojo - Kick box your way to the top!
  12. Math Facts -Timed math facts, or select practice mode without the timer.
  13. Paintbrush Math - each color is a different answer, solve the addition problems to paint the picture
  14. Picture Problems - Match the picture problem to the number fact.
  15. SpacyMath - One must sign in, but you can use the same log on for everyone in the class. Choose from addition or subtraction.
  16. Timed Addition Facts - CyberChallenge - Choose your operation; at the end of 60 seconds the game shows the score and answers to problems
  17. Visualize the Number line - Using a number line, this activity shows how to use the line to add problems.
  18. Who wants to be a Mathionaire - Game show format. Addition facts


  1. Beginning Subtraction using Objects - Type in correct number.
  2. Bowling Subtraction - Bowl down pins by answering subtraction problems.
  3. Flash Cards - Subtract the problems. Click on the yellow check mark at the bottom to keep score! You can also choose the number of problems by clicking on the arrows up and down by the 25 default.
  4. Math Dojo - Kick box your way to the top!
  5. Simple Subtraction - Games at three levels; numbers up to 20
  6. Test the Frog - Combination of addition and subtraction facts. Frog jumps to the answer you click on.
  7. Take it Away - Practice subtraction facts.
  8. Two Minute Warning - Practice subtraction and addition facts.

Place Value

  1. Dinosaur Place Value - Click on the eggs that represent the value. 10s and ones
  2. Grouping by 10s and ones - Click on ten ones and press group to make groups of ten and figure out the numeral.
  3. Illustrate Place Values - Create your numbers using the ones and tens place.
  4. Naming Place Values - ones and tens
  5. Naming Place Value - Pick your tens and ones, then guess the number.
  6. Place Value - Type in the numeral that represents the amount of items grouped by 10s and ones.
  7. Place Value 100, 10, and 1 - Show your class how place values work.
  8. Place Value Games - Up to Thousands, three levels of games
  9. Shark Numbers - Match numeral with tens and ones graphic

Identify fractions

  1. Fraction Review
  2. Fractions II
  3. Show the Fraction - Color in parts to make the fraction.
  4. Name the Fraction - Count the parts and name the fraction.
  5. Fraction Concentration - match fractions with shaded regions
  6. Crossing the River - identify the fraction and help the man get across the river.
Comparing Number Values
  1. Greater or Less Than - Three levels of games.
  2. Number Comparison - choose correct symbol

Missing Addends

  1. What number would complete this sentence? - find the missing addend.
  2. Busy Bees - Find out how many bees are inside the hive.
  1. Count Us In - 12 activities that help with understanding basic math. - Number recognition, ordinal numbers, sorting, patterns, addition, subtraction,time.
  2. What number comes next? - Fill in the missing numeral; numbers to 100.
Ordinal Numbers
  1. Find Squiggly - Read and select the ordinal number under which you will find the worm.
  2. Practice Ordinal Numbers - name the ordinal

Telling time to 5 minutes

  1. Telling Time- half hour - interactive game for two players.
  2. Telling Time - Drag the five digital times to the correct analog clock, then press Stop the Clock to record your time. (30 minute increments) (15 minute increments) (5 minute increments)
  3. A Matter of Time - Interactive quizzes on half hour, 15 minute intervals and five minute intervals, in addition to story problems.
  4. What time is it? - for beginners just learning.
  5. Telling Time to the Hour - Set the clock to the correct time.
  6. Bang on the Time- read the time in words and stop the clock when it is at the correct time.
  7. Stop the Clock - Click on the Stop button then record the clock's time.
  8. Willy the Watchdog - Interactive game for two players. Set the clock according to the roll of the die.
  1. Bar Graphs - Create your own graphs online for class discussions.


  1. Measure it - Practice using a ruler, in inches and centimeters.
  2. Measuring by Centimeters - move the ruler and measure the line.
  3. Measure the Teddy Bears - Click on the correct measurement. Good for whole class review.


  1. Number Cracker - Students guess what number comes next in the pattern.
  2. Create your own pattern - Drag shapes to create a pattern. Instructions on how to use this page in your classroom.
  3. What comes next? - Find the next shape in the pattern.
  4. Pattern making - What comes next?
  5. Oochina the Archeologist - identify patterns to solve a puzzle
  6. To help Oochina fix the space station you must remember a sequence of colors.
  7. Find the Pattern in a grid - help find the 3 object pattern in a grid
Word Problems
  1. Four dozen word problems for you to use with your class - problems only, no answers, not interactive

Language Arts

Beginning consonants

  1. Beginning Consonant practice - all letters
  2. Beginning letter match - find words that begin with same letter sound.
  3. Consonant Blends - Find the blend that matches the picture.
  4. Beginning Consonant Digraphs - Select the correct digraph
  5. Paw Park: Sassy Seals - Match beginning sounds - (from Game Goo - Learning That Sticks!)
  6. Beginning letter sounds - select the ending family and add a beginning letter to create a word that matches the picture
  7. Have More Fun - Many games to select from in various formats.
  8. H sound - Hung up on H song
  9. W sound Song - W Trouble

Ending consonants

  1. Ending consonant practice - for all letters.
  2. Ending Digraphs - Select the correct digraph ending.
  3. Have More Fun - Many games to select from in various formats.


  1. Short A
  2. Short E
  3. Short E song - Swen said 12-29-06 (need Quicktime)
  4. Short I
  5. Short O
  6. Short O song - Sloppy Pop 12-29-06 (need Quicktime)
  7. Short U
  8. Short U - Grubby Pup 12-29-06
  9. Sometimes Y - Vowel song
  10. Which Vowel makes a word -
  11. Long and Short Vowel Match - match words by the vowel sounds that are the same
  12. Missing Vowels - Type out the word with the missing vowel in place
  13. Short Vowel Practice - Select correct spelling of word
  14. Short Vowel Words - Scroll down near the bottom and select the vowel. Use the phonics and sight words to make sentences
  15. Online Stories - Starfall - per vowel sound to practice reading
  16. Vowel BootCamp - song 12-29-06 (need Quicktime)
Silent E
  1. Sneaky E - Which word has the silent E letter
Vowel Blends
  1. Words and Pictures - Activities with vowel blends: oo, ee, ay, igh, and silent e with long vowels. Audio, poems, activities and worksheets

Phonics knowledge

  1. AR song - Learn about AR 12-29-06 (need Quicktime)
  2. CH song - Cha Cha Cha 12-29-06
  3. CVC Maker - Word Play- Make words and put them on Word list, then read them back. and Word Match - Match word shown by using arrows by the letters.
  4. Flags - Spell words that are said by dragging the flags into the sand castles. (warning-British accent may confuse some students)
  5. Learn to Read - Starfall - Easy to read stories that focus on a particular vowel sound along with quizzes on the same vowel. Long and short vowels included.15 separate stories and quizzes.
  6. SpellBound - Child sees the word spelled correctly, then letters are mixed up and child must put them in order again.
  7. Sound it out - Click on the word that the cat says aloud. (warning-British accent may confuse some students)
  8. Which Bird is Correct? - pick the bird that is saying the written word and drag the parrot over to the word.
  9. Missing Word - Listen to the sentence being said. Click on the missing word.
  10. Word Families - Magnetic Blackboard - create new words from word endings
  11. Word Wheels - Make a word in the word window to match the picture.
  12. Beginning and ending sounds - Teacher selects for the student out of multiple games - digraphs - concentration style games
  13. Blend Matching Sounds - Digraph matching..
  14. Word Maker - Select an ending, then combine letters to create words.
  15. Word Wheel - look at the clue at the bottom and then press each wheel to form the word's beginning and ending sound.
  16. Blends Word Wheel - look at the clue at the bottom and then press each wheel to form the word's beginning and ending sound.

Sight Words

  1. Body Parts - Move the pictures by using the arrow on the right to match the word.
  2. Coconut Words - Three Levels. Click on correct word to complete sentence.
  3. Sight Words - Read sight words, then type them in the box..
  4. Dolch List Practice - online activities to practice sight words.
  5. Missing Letters - Find the matching sight word and type in the missing letters.
  6. High Frequency Words - 6 activities using sight words. Drag correct word in blank to complete the sentences.
  7. I Can Read Game - Listen to the sentence then click on the spoken word.
  8. Sight Words - Match the word with the picture. Many, many selections
  9. Sight Words - Dolch Words, if you don't know the word, move your mouse over it and it will tell you what it is. Practice the words, then take the quiz.
  10. Sight Word Practice Quizzes - Many quizzes and levels .
  11. Star Writer - Words are written with stars. Click on the domes to hear the word read and click on the dome that says the word. (caution, UK site with British accents may confuse some students.)


  1. Clap and Count Practice - Clap out the word and count the syllables. Click on the words that tell that number of syllables.
  2. How Many Syllables - Click on the number that represents how many syllables in each animal's name
  3. Count the Syllables - Word Jumble - Click on Count the Syllables. Click on the correct button for the number of syllables in the word.

Vocabulary Building

  1. What's the Word - Build vocabulary by matching words with pictures.
  2. Crossword Puzzles for Young Children - Each week a new puzzle with Dolch words. Clues and hints included. Excellent first start for children learning to work crossword puzzles!

Sentence Structure

  1. Build a Sentence - Drag scrambled words to create a sentence.
  2. Scrambled Sentences - Drag the words in the correct order to create a sentence.
  3. Can you make sense of a sentence? - drag the words into the correct sentence order.


  1. Grade One Books Online - Children can read to one another from books that are especially designed to match exactly with Grade 1 Reading Vocabulary Lists.
  2. Picture Sentence Worksheets - Look at the picture. Circle the sentence that tells about the picture

Word Endings

  1. S or ES - choose correct spelling
  2. ED or ING - choose correct word.
  3. Suffix practice - more practice on s/es and ed/ing.

Main Idea

  1.  Main Idea practice

Capitalization and Punctuation

  1. Find the correct sentence - Choose sentence with correct capitalization and punctuation.
  2. Punctuation - Find the correct punctuation mark to end the sentence.
  3. Special Names - Find the correct capitalization of proper nouns.
  4. Punctuation - End the sentence with the correct punctuation.
  5. Punctuation Poems - Learn about punctuation and create sentences using what you learned.


  1. Monkey Business: Rain Forest Run Around - Click on the words to put them in correct order. (from Game Goo - Learning That Sticks!)
  2. Sequence the Story - drag the pictures in the correct order. Students can have the story read to them if necessary.
  3. Sequencing - Many choices to select from. Choose one of the games and then number the pictures in the correct order.


  1. Contraction Practice - Interactive contraction practice.
  2. Contractions - Type in the contraction beside the two words.
  3. Contractions - Matching game
Irregular Plurals
  1. Irregular Plurals - Match the related words, singular to plural.


  1. Opposites/Antonyms - Matching game, concentration style.
  2. Opposites - Drag the words on the right to where they belong.
  3. Quiet Quest for Opposites by Spanky the Tooth Taker - From Game Goo (learning that sticks)


  1. Alien Scavenger Hunt: Letter Bugs - Use the mouse to click on letters that make up the word you hear. From Game Goo (learning that sticks)
  2. Alien Scavenger Hunt: Space Trash - Use the mouse to click on letters that make up the word you hear. From Game Goo (learning that sticks)
  3. Fearless Frieda - use the keyboard to spell the words Frieda says. Three letter words on level one, four letter words on level 2. - From Game Goo (learning that sticks) (beware of the intro where students must pick one from each category to create a unique name)
  4. Spell Check - TCAP format, select word that is spelled incorrectly.
  5. Spell words - Magnetic Board - drag letters to create word.
  6. Spelling - put the letters in order to create the word that is said aloud.
  7. Spelling - Click on the misspelled word and then fix it. For different words and spelling activities, check here
  8. Look, cover and Spell - phonetic family of words to practice.Can change the level from easy to hard.

 Rhyming practice

  1. Rhyming - several practice activities
  2. Rhyming Match - Select a location to visit, and find the rhyming words.
  3. Rhyming Practice -Many games to select from. Choose one match game from the list. There are phonetic games along with rhyme.
  4. Gus and Inky Learn about rhyming words - online lesson and activity

Parts of a Sentence

  1. Maggie's Earth Adventures - Nouns and Verbs - Put the trash into the correct bucket, separating the nouns and verbs.
Writing a Sentence
  1. Characters - Click on the different parts to create a character, then write a sentence about the character you created.

 Online Stories

  1. Clifford's Big Dig -Interactive story. Click on the bone to begin
  2. Here, Clifford - Interactive story. Click on the bone to begin
  3. Emily Goes to School - Interactive story. Click on the bone to begin
  4. Stories to read - Starfall - Beginning books per vowel sound for reading out-loud practice.
  5. Bear Stories - Practice your fluency skills on these stories.
  6. Bat Stories - Practice your phonics skills on these stories
  7. Children's Books to read online - Practice your reading skills
  8. Stories - one or two with audio. Can download them to put on your computers or run them from the Internet. Can change the font they display in.