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Social Studies

Social Studies (Test tomorrow 11/25/15)

Map "key" Terms

cardinal directions - north, south, east, west

intermediate directions - NE, NW, SE, SW

Title - tells you what the map is of (the place shown)

grid - made up of lines that form a pattern of squares on a map

latitude - runs east to west around the globe (horizontal lines on a map)

longitude - runs around the globe from the North Pole to the South Pole (vertical lines on a map)

inset - a small map inside a larger one (example:  a small picture of a map of Hawaii on the same page as the map of the United States)

legend/key - tells what the symbols and colors on the map mean

scale - tells how much smaller the map is than the area it shows  (example:  if you wish to know how many miles one city/state is from another, you will use the scale)

compass rose - shows the directions on the map