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Study Strategies for Spelling and Vocabulary

Dear Students,

Thank you for sharing your study strategies with the class about how you study for your weekly spelling and vocabulary quizzes! I’ve listed the strategies below (along with a few of my own) so that you may try out a friend’s strategy when studying! You may find trying out other strategies to be very helpful!

• Practice your words nightly
• Say the word and spell it 3 times (verbally)
• Keep writing the challenging words 5 times each every night
• Place the spelling words on the refrigerator. Everyone you go for a snack, practice your words!
• Look at a word, then cover it up, spell it and check to see if you are correct!
• Have a family member or friend test you
• Use flashcards to practice and create games
• Look at Mrs. Lesko’s website to check out the words and practice
• Write your words “in the air” to practice
• Cut up letters and then try and assemble them for each spelling word – check your word list to see if you are correct!
• Draw a picture using your spelling words – label your picture. Then check to make sure you spelled all of the words correctly!

• Study the definitions of each word nightly
• Say the word and the definition 3 times
• Cover up the definitions with a piece of blank paper. Then read each word and see if you can define them using the correct definition.
• Have a family member say the definition and you have to guess the word!
• Read the words and their meanings over and over again
• Write the words in sentences to practice using them correctly
• Use your words all week when talking with friends and family
• Create flash cards and study
* Use to practice vocabulary